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I was standing at jalandhar station when my
> attention went towards a
> Sikh youth standing near me wearing a Black
> turban having a long beard
> and wearing a kirpan over his shirt looking
> similar to a terrorist.
> After a while, one local train arrived, which
> was totally packed. The
> Sikh youth tried to alight the train but failed
> to do so. Just then a
> voice was heard from the back coach “Sardarji
> Barah Baj gaye” (Sir
> it”s 12 o”clock!)
> The Sikh youth looked over at that voice maker
> who was a young
> Mischievous type of person and instead of
> showing any anger made a
> smile towards him.
> The smile made was so enigmatic that it seemed
> as if some type of
> truth lies behind it. Not able to resist my
> temptation, I walked
> towards him and asked why did he smile at that
> person who teased him.
> The Sikh youth replied, “He was not teasing me
> but was asking for my
> Help”. I was surprised with these words and he
> told me that there was
> a big history behind that which one should
> know. I was eager to know
> the History and the Sikh youth narrated:
> During 17th Century, when Hindustan was ruled
> by Mughals, all the
> Hindu people were humiliated and were treated
> like animals. Mughals
> treated the Hindu women as there own property
> and were forcing all
> Hindus to accept Islam and even used to kill
> the people if they were
> refusing to accept.That time, our ninth Guru,
> Sri Guru Teg Bahadarji
> came forward,in response to a request of some
> Kashmir Pandits to fight
> against all these cruel activities. Guruji told
> the Mughal emperor
> that if he could succeed in converting him to
> Islam, all the Hindus
> would accept the same.
> But, if he failed, he should stop all those
> activities . The Mughal
> emperor happily agreed to that but even after
> lots of torture to
> Guruji and his fellow members he failed to
> convert him to Islam and
> Guruji along with his other four fellow
> members, were tortured

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