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Once not far away there lived a really nice woman with seven children. Unfortunately her husband died! Over the past few years she became crazier and crazier although no-one noticed. So each day she placed one of her kids into the well in her neighborhood! After all, her kids were in the well and dead nevertheless the only thing on her mind was to go and pray to God. Therefore she went to God and asked “What should I do?” He answered, “Bring the kids up from the well and bury them.” After that she went right down to the well and did what God had told her. From that day on, she sat by the well and cried. One sudden day arrived, when a man had noticed her, however he also treated her that he’ll kill her except she walked away. Moreover she already wanted to die therefore out of nowhere he got out a knife and threw it right at her back. Sadly she had died.

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