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I was sitting outside her door. It was late at night and everything was so quiet. I walked slowly to her door, my knuckles were sore from pounding on it the day before when I was trying to shove my way inside the room. I could hear her moving inside and after a while, there was the click of a light being snapped off. And then silence. I huddled on the floor and leaned against the door hoping that she would open the door. She did not.

I was in a state of confusion; I did not know what I did wrong to make her upset. It was just my normal behavior. Is it possible that she can’t take it anymore and decided to throw me out? I love her, I really do. I fell asleep in my place. At one o’clock I wake up suddenly on the voice of an engine of a fast car outside in the street. I was still on the floor my head resting on the door. My neck was aching and my knees were stiff because of my awkward position. I stood up with a great effort and considered if I should try knocking on the door again.

It was late and in fact I was angry so I made my way to my study, closed the door and lied on the sofa. I stretched out and fell asleep quickly. I woke up the next on morning and there was someone knocking on the door.

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