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U scroll thr0ugh Ur
c0ntcts !n Ur cell ph0ne.

Each name U c p0ps up
a diff st0ry in Ur mind
…n U miss a heartbeat @
a few spec!al 0nes.

U r c0nfused W!d Ur 0wn
feel!ngs n thn U find
Urself sm!l!ng @ noth!ng….

U real!ze tht

U were cherishing all d gud
m0ments w!d each 0f “em.

With0ut a 2nd th08,
U end up send!ng a msg
or calling up.
10 yrs frm n0w,
Is !t g0nna b d same?

Will U atleast giv a missed
call t0 d 0nes tht were 0nce
Ur dearest ?

U feel a distance tht
U were unaware 0f n U wish
U were cl0ser.

Just wanna say

D e d i c a t e d
To All My
S p e c ! a l
0 n e ” s … =)

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