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A Sailor Ws Stuck In An Island

Whr He Ws D Only Survivor.

He Made A Hut4his Sheltr.Day N Nite,

He Ws Prayin N Waitin4sum1 To Rescue Him

Bt No1came.He Stored Food In D Hut 4 his Survival,

Bt1day,D Hut Burned2ashes N Nothing

Ws Left Of It.He Ws So Angry,

He Said,”God,

Y Hav U Done Dis2me?!

“D Next Morning,Rescuers Came.

He Askd “Hw Did U Know Dat I Ws Hre?”

They Replied,”V Saw A Smoke Signal!”

Trust God Whn Misfortune Happens,

His Plans R Always Greater Than Ours.

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