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For Those Who Dont Know Who HumAyuN Is…

-HumAyuN Nevr Wet His Bed As A Child.
The Bed Wet Itslf In Fear.

-Once HumAyuN Participated In A Race.
He Came 1st. Einstien Died Aftr Watching Dat. Bcoz..Light Came 2nd.

-When HumAyuN Was In Clas 3,
Teachr Told Him To Write An Esay On Anythng..
2day Dat Esay Is Knwn As WIKIPEDIA

-HumAyuN Once Wrote His Biography. 2day That Book Is Known As GUINIESE BOOK OF WORLD RECORD..

-When HumAyuN Does Push Ups,
He Is Not Lifting Himself Up.
He Is Pushing The Earth Down.

- HumAyuN Once Hit A Six.
And That Ball Is Today Known As PLUTO.

Source: “WIKILEAKS” =P ;->

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