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Examples Of Stupid Questions People Ask.

1. When People C U Lying Down, Wid Ur Eyes Closd Dy Still Ask: R U Sleepin?
No! Em Trying 2 Die?

2. When It’s Rainin & Some1 Notices U Goin Out, Dy Ask: R U Going Out In Dis Rain?

No,In The Next 1.

3. Ur Friend Calls Ur Home Fone: Where R U?
At De Bus Stop!

4. Dey See U Wet Comin 4m De Bathroom: Did U Just Hav A Bath?
No, I Fell In De Toilet Bowl !

5. U R Standin Rite In Front Of De Elevator On The Ground Floor & Dey Ask: Goin Up?
No, No, Em Waitin 4 My Apartmnt 2 Come Down & Get Me.

6. U Bring A Bunch Of Flowers 4 Ur Sweet Heart & Dey Ask: R Dose Flowers?
No Baby! Dey R Carrots.

7. U’r On The Queue 2 Buy Tickets @ De Cinema, A Friend Saw U & Ask: Wat R U Doin Here?

Em Here 2 Pay My School Fee… =P

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