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Boy: Hey

Girl (To Herself): Omg..He Just Texted Me..
I Wonder What He Wants..Maybe
He Just Wanna Talk..Or He’s Mad At Me,
But All He Said Was Hey..
I Should Just Answer Him,
Don’t Want To Keep Him Waiting..
Well Maybe I’ll Wait Another 3 Minutes
So He Thinks I’m Busy..No, Thats Too Obvious.
Could This Mean He’s Into Me?
Or Is He Just Bored?
Either Way Is Fine,
I Mean I Don’t Care If He Likes Me Back.
Who Said That I Even Liked Him? Huh..
I’m Gonna Text Back Now.
Should I Reply Hi Or Hey.
Hey With 3 Y’s? No Thats Stupid. 2 Y’s Work.
He Wont Know If I Did It On Purpose
Or If It Was Accidental.
Ok! I Got This.
Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Girl: Heyy =P

Other Side

Girl: Hey
Boy(Thinks): She Likes Me.
Rply: I Love U 2 :)
Moral: Boys R Quick Decision
Makers… ;->

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