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‎5 Reasons Why Prefer
“Sheela” Over “Munni”

1. Branding:
Munni Is Bad-Nam But
…Sheela Is Jawaan

2. Place Of
Munni Gyrated In
Some Desi Daru Ka
Adda Where As Sheela
Gyrated In Some
Metrolpolitian Disco

3. Demand And
Supply Concept:
Munni Is Offering
Herself Easily (Refer
Line – Darling Tere Liye)
So Huge Supply N
Demand Will Be Limited.
Where As
Sheela Isn”t Available
Easily (Refer Line-
Main Tou Khud Se Pyar
Jatao”n & Tere Haath
Kbhi Na Aani) So Low
Supply , Huge Demand

4. Dance Style:
Munni Repeated Age Old
“Latka Jhatka”. Where As
Sheela Shook Her Body
With Drumbeats

5. Mathematical &
Munni Is Sleek (Though
Indians Invented Zero,
But It Doesn”t Mean We
Like The Zero Figure)
Where S
Sheela Is Voluptuous
(That”s The Perfet
Graphical Representation) =P =

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