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Eyes can be (and usually are) a window to the soul. This explains my take on some of the most powerful I’ve gazed into.


Anxious current, floating rapidly in tune,

Deprived of the direction provided by moon,

Guided by the gravity of polar device,

Armed with power to devastate or entice,

Sweet obnoxious tenderness provided within,

Those ice blue solaces of secular defend,

My appetite has found a beautiful aim,

Conception of a longing birthed without pain,

Amorous glance, mine or otherwise,

Behold the power of those eyes,

Simple symbols of a valuable realm,

Aureate treasures own my overwhelm,

By my be become gilded wealth,

Forgiving the secrets I will not tell,

Interpretation could be my end,

If it?s understanding found it a friend,

Only molest could imply where it lands,

Or how it shudders in those strengthened hands,

Just the idea of the verb in it?s place,

Brings a syrup of smile to my face,

You are the author in lack of whole part,

Completely regarding my adoring heart.

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