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WHAT is life?Is it really life were living.
Or is this an on going dream fighting obsticals along the way.
We wake confused as the day before.
No hints to which way to go.
We all move on day by day.
Taking different turns along the way.
There’s no way back.
You can think past,
But future is what rushes upon us.
This so called life we live in.
Does it really make sense.
Are we sure this isn’t time to be high,
wreckless and carefree.
Then without warning rise upon reality forced into what we call life.
There’s no choice but to grow old.
Age hurts the mind.Blinding like the sun.
Some move fast,some slow,some fly,some swim,some run,some walk.
Reality moves forth bringing us upon the edge of know where.
By this time there’s no turning back.
Can’t run home.
Can’t find another place to roam.
Traveling so far weakends the mind erasing the knowledge our teachers fed our minds to prepare for survival.
Nobody knows when they’ve made there last turn in there dream,
But that last turn is life.
The day we wake from our rest.
Is the day life begins.

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