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Maybe I am a self-sacrificing spirit
That represents the true pinnacle of lyrics
I hope you get my message
Before my words? dissolves and fades away
I pray to God that you hear it
I?m looking for love
And no artificial substitutes
You can?t find love
If you looking for the wrong attributes
To tell you the truth
I can?t make love to you
If I am not in love with you
I know that I
Have a high sex drive
But that doesn?t mean I
Have to chase everything
That is feminine with legs
I built myself up too high
To sell myself short
For pointless gratification
I rather wait for love instead
Before I get inside of you
I rather get inside your head
You hungry for knowledge
And I want to make sure
That you are fed
I am careful how I prepare
The place that I lay my head
Because there is no telling
How soon will have to
Lay in that bed
I want to open your mind
Before I open your legs
I?m not looking for one night stands
I am looking for a queen
Who I can share the throne with
The one that will inherit my riches
And my kingdom
When we wed
Anything less is absurd and contradictory
And would lead to my misfortune instead

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