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Walking by myself,beside the waters bed
I feel so alive,yet so dead.
Watching people go,seeing life move on..
I wonder what ur doing right now..

Be my “friend” that’s what we are,
So we claim that’s who we are
But are we “friends”? Where do we stand?
Please tell me now, before i go..

“Forget me not”..U always say
“I’ll always be there” U so often claim,
U seem so clam as u utter these words
That break my heart in two..

You belong to another, my heart flows with happiness,
I wish you joy..may your lives together be one filled with love.
I smile for u my love, i congratulate the lady who so proudly stands by u..
Isn’t she so lucky..

Life goes on, and so must i..
Knowing you’ll never be a part of my life..
I move on carrying this weight upon my heart
The longing to hold u & love u forever more..

Well farewell my love..
For i must go..cause the pain just wont go away
Only leaving u with the thought that..
Someone out there loves u more than her life its self.!

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