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This one is for the special her- the one, who holds me aplomb,
The one who bowls me over and tames the lion in me into a lamb.

Whenever I look at your jet-black silky, shiny hair?
I feel like making it my very own personal lair?
Whenever I gape at your beautiful forehead?
I appear to have consumed a barrel full of mead?
Whenever I see your perfectly lined black eyebrow,
I understand that to me heaven is at a stone?s throw?
Whenever I gaze longingly into your sexy eyes?
I find in my stomach loads of running mice?
Whenever I glance at your ?dead-center? nice nose?
To delirium I find myself so dangerously close?
Whenever I see your ?as-red-as-blood? lips?
I find my heart moving away from my fingertips?
Whenever I stare at your cute, little, double chin?
I remember why it is you I must definitely win?
Whenever I notice your ears and your dimple cheek?
I wonder again how anyone could be so sleek?
When I do peek at your long slender neck?
I know you are worth it all – what the heck?

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