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Your feeling is depressed… You always seem to be depressed and cry easily. You
are a bit (ok, more than a bit) over
emotional and are too sensitive. You rarely
smile, and when you do, it’s very weak…
your eyes always seem to be misty and though
others have tried to console you of your
sorrow in the past, no one can seem to get
through to you that there’s more to life than
being sad. No no one seems to hang around you
anymore which makes you feel worse, and you
feel as you’re loved by no one except maybe
your family. People might see you as the
“girl who doesn’t talk to anyone”,
and you may be sort of a loner, but that
doesn’t mean you want to be. What hurts you
is people being mean and even though you
might not get it that often, since you’re so
sensitive it still makes you deal with pain.
You’re not a leader and are usually the
person who stands alone, does what she’s
supposed to do and nothing else.

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