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Everything i was is all i am today


Everything i was is all i am today

the flowers are fading
dieing in the light
oh how i wish i could hold you
the colours are whirling in my mind
somehow the laughter grows cold
i feel so alone
can you see through the faces that i see?
can you see the real faces, the faces of the free?
can you feel the soft touch of the rain falling?
the sunshine through the clouds
the rainbows in the sky
the love that blesses us from way up high
i believe in you
do you believe in me?
where are you now? where did you go?
where do i lay my head? where is my home?
take me home
to the places i used to go
to the faces i used to know
wake me from my sleep
turn my dreams to stone
let me see your eyes
let me see the way you see

i’ll always remember the memories close to my heart
i’ll feel every moment close to my heart
i see images of you and me, friends and family
i see happiness and laughter, the flowers and the rain, the trees in the fields
this was my life
this is my dream
this was my home, the land of the free
they’ll always be safe, close to my heart
everything that was is all i am today
shadows of the future
light in the darkness, hope in the storm, sunshine through the rain
an unexpected glittering chain
a secret only he knows

i want him to touch me
i want to feel his love
i need his joy and peace
i need him with me now
always close by my side.

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