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The darkness falls fast and clammy
amid the grey of the gathering clouds
as the sun hides its hard heat
behind the dancing horizon.
The shadows take on shimmering life
in the midst of the entwined trees
as their branches move like
skeletal fingers, the leaves hissing
in the stiffening breeze.
I walk fast and edgy,
hands damply clenching,
hair long in my face,
skin sticky from fear
because I know,
I know
what lies in the shadows
watching me, wanting me,
craving me, my life’s sweetness.
Sleeping all day, ready for the night
taste of copper hot on its breath
skin cold and clammy,
touch of the dead.
My breath, it comes quick as
the leaves whisper and move
and I smell death in the dank air,
dry and fetid like the earth
under my fleeing feet.
I turn eyes wide, glistening
and see it in the hissing trees.

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