Copy SMS Using QR Code

What you do when you like a text message template, joke, poetry or any kind of sms on a webpage and you want it to share with your friends via text message?  I am pretty much sure you guys starts typing it no matter how long it is or you send it in chunks using slow web2sms services!

Well Guys time is over now. has introduced a new service by using which you can copy sms directly to mobile using its camera within in no seconds. As most of us have atleast one cellphone or smartphone with an integrated cam. ( those who don’t have i feel petty on them :D they can still use our web2sms service ). To know how this works watch the following video and read the rest of the article below.

Video on how to copy sms to mobile using QR Code :

Step by step how to copy sms to mobile using QR Code application:

Step 1 : Go to .
Step 2 : Go to the sms page you liked.
Step 3 : Open up the QR code application on your cellphone*.
Step 4 : Foucs your cell camera on the QR code.
Step 5 : Now take a picture of the QR code or may be some apps will take the picture there selves. The sms is now copied to your cellphone.
Step 6 : Send it to your friends and Enjoy !
* Only the cellphones having camera

Supported cellphones:
Nokia, Sonyericsson, Samsung, Motorolla, Apple iPhone, HTC, Blackberry.

Supported Platforms:
Symbian S60 (V1, V2,  V3), Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mobile phones with java support.

How to download and install QR code scanning application on your mobile.
Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorolla
Vist the following wap site and follow the instructions to install kaywa QR code reader.

Android installation
( Go to market place and search for QR code or QR scanner and download any of the QR code scanning app )

iPhone installation
( Go to App store, installous or cydia on your iPhone or iPad 2 and search for Optiscan and install it or install any of your favorite QR code scanning app )

Blackberry installation
( Go to blackberry Apps World and search for the QR code scanner you will find many of them just install any good one )

Tested with Nokia 5800, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry’s & Samsung ch@t
Please report us with your installs including mobile model and QR reader app name. We will love to share it on our website.
For further help & support email at