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Take Backup and Restore Backup On Android Mobile Phones

Gmail account which is connected with your phone, provides the facility to its users by saving all the data and is automatically backed up. So there is no need to worry about lost information.And in case you want the offline backup or all the contacts in one file, then just go to contacts option click the Menu soft key, then select Import/Export, then Select Export to SD Card, and select Ok and your all your contacts will be saved to the SD Card correspondingl.

android backup

And for the for system settings make a clear image in your mind in Privacy Settings ‘Backup my Data’ should be checked

And it ill be the best way to backup all your settings online & re-establish them when you require them .As many settings will be retored as well.

  • User Dictionary
  • Privacy Settings
  • Certain Apps are Re-Installed
  • WiFi Settings (including saved networks)
  • Wallpaper
  • Accessibility Settings

android backup

Backing Up SMS

The SMS Backup & Restore are being shifted to an XML file on your SD Card. And you can easily Install it from the market.

The SMS Backup +System is an extra device that will backup all your Call Logs and SMS/MMS to your Gmail account. Perhaps it sends them as an email to your inbox & labels them properly.

You can easily refresh Your Phone

Just Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset.

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Mpad tablet device sooner or later will be around you

Here in this article I will mention about the Mpad Tablet.As these days the Tablet devices are in the trend to be used by the geeks. Because Tablets has shown a marvelous result to people who use it. And specially during optimizing the designers and developers love to use its functions which they require for their projects. And then it also amalgamates the pros of spontaneous multi-touch operation together with the exactitude of a pressure-sensitive pen as well. In the picture you can easily visualize the Mpad which seems to be appetizing, As it has a munificent 15.6? OLED display with a nine preset buttons which facilitates you to keep nearer to that shortcuts in the impulsive snap. And there is a special facility too that, you can select up to two dozen shortcuts for every software application and the scrolling wheel provides the speedy 2D navigation. Which is disposed at 15 degrees, the Mpad is equally contented for the left-handers and can also be utilized by right handers.which could be rotated by the board by 180 degrees. Its battery life is long because it has been manufactured through a reliable process
mpad tablet

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5 Top Facebook Applications You Can Try

The Facebook is used by millions of people around the world and people are enjoying and making profiles and also adding website pages, the artist pages, and blog tools too, As there are round about 20,000+ applications which are present in the Facebook But in this article I will tell you the 5 best facebook applications .
1. iLike
The iLike application provides you the facility to share your favorite music videos and music on your profile. Songs can be dedicated from you to your friends and family as well


2. Flog Blog
As a blogger if you require to link your facebook profile and blog,this application will provide you the best work as the Flog Blog gives facility to the people and your friends to read your blog posts unswervingly just from your Facebook profile .


3. Scrabulous
The Scrabulous is also the top most favourite application which is used by people for playing with them through out the world.And get in touch with your relatives,siblings and friends as well.


4. Where I’ve Been
This application whose name is Where I’ve Been as you can easily share with your friends and family about your tours and the places which you have visited in the past and present as well.

Where I’ve Been

5. Texas HoldEm Poker
The Geeks who likes to play Poker, utilize this application most of the time. And this application provides you the facility that you can easily see whether your friends are also playing at that time or not.And you can easily join them and also chit chat with them too.

Texas HoldEm Poker

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Android Is Taking Over The Smartphone Number Game

In 2011 Android has perched the level of success as the leading smartphone operating system .And in 2010 it was got the position number two in the competition of best androids.

android market

And now with the time being The International Data Corporation (IDC)Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, has published a report that smartphone vendors will distribute 450 million or more than it,the smartphones in 2011 too because in 2010 the shipments reached 33.3 million worldwide. In 2009 the Android’s sales was recorded from 4.7 million units . IDC has given a statement that in 2011 the worldwide smartphone market is expected to upgrade 49.2% in 2011 because customers and endeavors users prefers smartphones with more sophisticated features as compare to the old featured phones.over previous and IDC has foresighted about that the smartphone market will get successful and will get advanced four times more then the previous record through out the mobile phones market as well.
Android has reached the popularity and got the position of Nokia’s Symbian platform, and as this has been said the leader in global smartphone shipments too.
The purchase of consumer smartphones only in United States has reached a half account this statement was given by NPD Group.
Here are the five top sales performers for the year 2010 were Apple’s iOS-running iPhone got third position sales were 16.2 million, the RIM’s BlackBerry OS at fourth position sales were 14.6 million. The Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 shipped 3.1 million units accordingly.
The “Windows Phone 7 got the place in the epicenter of the competition between the iOS .You can easily watch out the Canalys’ table below for information provided on 2010 smartphone sales.

smartphone market share

In 2011 Android has perched the level of success as the leading smartphone operating system .And in 2010 it was got the position number two in the competition of best androids.

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Top 5 Youtube Video Editing Softwares You Can Try

If you are interested to edit your videos during any kind of function, party or any official video etc. Then definitely you will search for the BestVideo Editing Software. And the prices of you can purchase full licensed Video Editing Software for a price varying from Uese softwares starts from USD 100s upto USD 1000s. Many expensive softwares also don’t give the best result of editing which you are expecting.But there is good news for you because there are Free Video Editing Softwares which you will easily get online.

1. Portable Movie Maker:
For the merging and editing purpose the Portable Movie Maker is being utilized amongst the people.. Its movie making method is abit multifarious, technological and has a fastidious UI. Collections tab too containing the collection of clips and Task tab and got the features to do recording of videos, editing, and convertit them to watch able format too.

2. vReveal:
The tools which are offered by vReveal include the Video Editing tool which improves the quality of the videos. The method is easy as by browsing for the Video clips as (thumbnail view) which you must need from folders and upload them for editing.


3. Youtube Movie Maker:
With the help of Youtube Movie Maker you can enjoy the creation of clips, edit photos, texts,clips with a number of transitions and give them the unique effects, you can make different formats, divide up and sustain your YouTube videos on YouTube music, text, subtitles, titles and dubbing can also be added too..

youtube movie maker

4. Windows Movie Maker 2.1:
The Windows Movie Maker 2.1 can be used for editing, creating and for sharing any sort of videos, movies, What you can do is to drag and drop the clips and then you can compose it by your choice and shortly you can copy on to the CD/DVD, or can be shared by email, or copy tapes and just watch it on camera or Tv. The WMM 2.1 is well-suited with the SP2 Win XP Home or Professional or x64 Edition running on a PC by the presence of processor speed which will be of 600 MHz ..

windows movie maker

5. iMovie 4:
For the creation of real time videos and clips and for the improvement of quality of movies, the iMovies is the Video Editing software used for this purposeand can be shared easily by writing them on a CD/DVD. You can also create your own photo albums and give them different clours,effects and you can make transitions by just editing the Videos on iMovie 4 respectively

iMovie 4

Source: Youtube Video Editor

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BlackBerry Playbook Release Delayed By Apple

blackberry playbookAll geeks know about the RIM’s iPad competitor, which is the BlackBerry Playbook. As the shortage of Touchscreen was caused by the RIM just for the to delay of BlackBerry PlayBook which was released by one month, and this was having Apple nabbed with a good number of the existing panel production correspondingly.
The launch of the tablet has increased a lot of demand for the touch panels and which has recently caused shortage as well in the industry side..In Uk the people are still waiting for the release of BlackBerry PlayBook .Some rumors are coming that it will be released in June 2011.

The Apple worked out to shatter up most inventions aptitude at the commencement of this year, which put a hurdles in RIM’s plan, though postponed software difficulty is cited as a set back too for the Black berry.Because its release date was announced in September 2010.

But on April 19.2011 the competition will be started and we will come to know that how would be the Playbook stacked against the iPad. And mobile lovers will definitely enjoy the stylish and astonishing Black berry playbook too.

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How to change Apple Boot Logo On iPhone / iDevice

Some days back the Sn0wbreeze 2.5.1 for Windows was unconfined tojailbreak iOS 4.3.1 untethered on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch respectively. Then the Sn0wbreeze 2.5.1 brought a host of, Cydia 1.1.1 and bug fixes pre-installed and support for the Animation – the custom animated bootlogo for the iDevices. Which is in the meanwhileRedsn0w for iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak was also rationalized to Redsn0w 0.9.6rc11 who then gave correspondingly knack to facilitate the animation on iDevices.
Here are few steps for your guidance:

Step 1: How to Jailbreak your iDevice using Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w:
Incase if you wan to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 untethered using redsn0w, just check out the “Enable boot animation” it will be done easily.and if already you have jailbroken the device then uncheck “Install cydia” for avoiding package conflicts.

Then incase you want to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 untethered using Sn0wbreeze, then when the ipsw file is confirmed, continue to Expert Mode in the General. And then just check “Enable Animated LogoCapability”.

Step 2: After the successful work of jailbreaking your device, then you must loadCydia and install “Apple Boot Logo” when it would be installed,just restart your device, and you will find the work done in the form of custom animated boot logo.

apple boot logo

Step 3: After 2nd step search Cydia for which theme you want to include. By searching for “BootLogo,” Cydia will demonstrate much themes which you can activate with the help of new BootLogo menu in
And if you find any problem during these steps let us know.

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Ufone is now tweeting : Ufone official tweeter support

As the facility of Twitter SMS Service will be enjoyed by you because now UFone has launched this fun loving activity too after the successful service by Mobilink and Zong cellular networks.

ufone twitter

How you can activate the Twitter SMS Service for Ufone:

  • Its very simple just go to this link:
  • Then Select –> Pakistan –> Ufone.
  • Afterwards type your cell phone number and then pursue the instructions present on the next page.

Its charges:

For this time period Ufone has fixed the charging amount Rs. 1 plus tax for every update.

Some of Twitter commands:

Just do more than Tweet only and send the following commands to Twitter:

  • FOLLOW the username: Start following a user.
  • You can UNFOLLOW username: Stop following a user.
  • You can easily ON/OFF’: Turn all Tweet notifications on or off.
  • Then just ON/OFF username: put the Tweet notifications for a user on or off.
  • GET the username: which Shows you the most recent tweet from any user
  • RT username: Retweet a user’s most recent tweet.
  • FAV username: Favorite a user’s newest tweet.
  • D username your-message: Send a nonstop message to the user respectively.


Source: Ufone

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50 Mbps Internet Speed Connection By PTCL

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The PTCL has announced recently that they will soon launch a project as it will be offering broadband internet of 50 Mpbs. And this telecommunication authority has the right to use the VDSL2 which is a Bonding technology which will facilitate to provide accessible digital subscribers line (DSL) to their customers having speed up to 50 Mbps. This project will be completed till the mid of 2011. This will be leveraged by Alcatel-Lucents VDSL2 Bonding expertise.

As per subscriber the VDSL2 Bonding keeps two copper-based VDSL2 lines. The areas which do not have this facility is now in the eye of the company and the work is still in progress to provide those areas the bandwidths for the expansion of this service that is bandwidths such as triple-play voice, data and IPTV too.

As per latest study from market research the firm IHS iSuppli, simultaneous admire to the applications such as online gaming, streaming audio, peer-to-peer file sharing, VoIP and IPTV will require the bandwidths between 50 and 100Mbps very soon. Which will be adjusted faithfully via VDSL2 worth with the new innovative technique of Vectoring and Bonding.

The President and CEO of PTCL Mr. Walid Irshaid has given a statement that :

“PTCL is the first service provider worldwide to deploy a commercial VDSL2 Bonding solution that aims at doubling the bandwidths provided to its existing customers. We are thus setting the trend in international telecoms, and are taking the broadband experience in Pakistan to the next level ”


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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

ipad vs glaxy tabAs after the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab in September 2010 in Germany. And it is also available in United States of America as well. And here in this article I will let you know the comparison between Samsung Galaxy tab with Apple iPad,


The size of Samsung Galaxy Tab is smaller than the Apple iPad .The ipad wight is pound and a half and its size is of standard sheet of paper at generally ten by eight inches respectively.


The Galaxy Tab display is smaller than the ipad, Galaxy Tab has 7-inch display formerly as of  800×600 resolution, but new rumor is that it is 1024×600.And ipad has 9.7-inch touchscreen display capable of 1024×768 resolution accordingly.


The reporters say that Galaxy Tab runs on 1GHz ARM processor and Apple ipad is being designed with a custom A4. This gives more-performance and has a low-power system on a chip running at 1GHz.

Operating System

During the functioning time the iPad runs with the version of Apple’s iOS and the Galaxy Tab will runs only on its initial mobile OS competitor which is Android. At this time the ipad is trapped on the early days  iOS with the version 3.2.2. Which will be updated in the coming days with iOS4 .That will give additional function in form of multitasking and nested folders. And the Galaxy Tab It is slated to get an update to iOS 4 very soon, which will add functionality like nested folders and multitasking. The Galaxy Tab will apparently release with the cutting edge Android 2.2, a.k.a. “Froyo” abruptly..


The most incredible feature of Galaxy Tab is that has both front and rear-facing cameras, and provides video chat facility as well and soon it will prop up Adobe Flash, and maybe will be able to play HD video too. Whereas Apple ipad does not have these unique features.

Source: ipad & Samsung Galaxy

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