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With the incredible success of Zong Network it has introduced Live TV now which can be easily adjusted in your mobile phones. As per your choice you can watch both national and international channels live music, videos, latest updates!

How it works

In your cell phone’s default browser just simply log on to the Zong Pocket TV URL

As its URL will open the Zong Pocket TV page on your cell phone, there the where the channel list will be shown.

Then in the media player of your mobile the channels list will get opened.


Its Charges:

Initially, till 6th April 2011 the service is of cost.

The EDGE/GPRS Charges will be applied on it.





The important requirements for its service and Hand set compatibility

As we know that the Nokia handsets contains a Built in Real players software so the user for utilizing the Zong Pocket TV service will have to definitely set the streaming player up to 84.42 kbps

As the handsets which are edge supportive having a Streaming Media Player “which supports H.264 codec + RSTP link” the Real Player will provide access to Zong Pocket TV service.

The Android Os Phones has the capability to utilize this service as well. Others who can use this service in Java Os are Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG respectively.

The Old Handsets which has not the service of H.264 codec and Apple OS phones and tablets would not be able to provide the service of Zong Pocket TV.


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