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If you are interested to edit your videos during any kind of function, party or any official video etc. Then definitely you will search for the BestVideo Editing Software. And the prices of you can purchase full licensed Video Editing Software for a price varying from Uese softwares starts from USD 100s upto USD 1000s. Many expensive softwares also don’t give the best result of editing which you are expecting.But there is good news for you because there are Free Video Editing Softwares which you will easily get online.

1. Portable Movie Maker:
For the merging and editing purpose the Portable Movie Maker is being utilized amongst the people.. Its movie making method is abit multifarious, technological and has a fastidious UI. Collections tab too containing the collection of clips and Task tab and got the features to do recording of videos, editing, and convertit them to watch able format too.

2. vReveal:
The tools which are offered by vReveal include the Video Editing tool which improves the quality of the videos. The method is easy as by browsing for the Video clips as (thumbnail view) which you must need from folders and upload them for editing.


3. Youtube Movie Maker:
With the help of Youtube Movie Maker you can enjoy the creation of clips, edit photos, texts,clips with a number of transitions and give them the unique effects, you can make different formats, divide up and sustain your YouTube videos on YouTube music, text, subtitles, titles and dubbing can also be added too..

youtube movie maker

4. Windows Movie Maker 2.1:
The Windows Movie Maker 2.1 can be used for editing, creating and for sharing any sort of videos, movies, What you can do is to drag and drop the clips and then you can compose it by your choice and shortly you can copy on to the CD/DVD, or can be shared by email, or copy tapes and just watch it on camera or Tv. The WMM 2.1 is well-suited with the SP2 Win XP Home or Professional or x64 Edition running on a PC by the presence of processor speed which will be of 600 MHz ..

windows movie maker

5. iMovie 4:
For the creation of real time videos and clips and for the improvement of quality of movies, the iMovies is the Video Editing software used for this purposeand can be shared easily by writing them on a CD/DVD. You can also create your own photo albums and give them different clours,effects and you can make transitions by just editing the Videos on iMovie 4 respectively

iMovie 4

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