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5 Netbooks you can buy


Get ready to avail your hunger for boosting knowledge regarding every aspect of exploring the world around you! by utilizing the net books in your daily life. Here in this article I have mentioned the 5 best Netbooks which you will love to buy.

1: Samsung NF310 A01

As this is one of the best brand’s netbook made by Samsung. Not just because of this laptop’s colour, features and its 10” net book curved and sleek design is marvelous, has a big keyboard but also its in expensive and people can easily purchase it. By having a dual core Atom processor, HD compatible screen is a plus quality as well.

2: HP Mini 210-1199DX

It has a sleeked design 10” screen with different styles. It is available in pink-hue Mini 210 and this netbook is a little bit expensive as compare to the other ones.

3:Toshiba Mini NB305-N410


If geeks are looking for a cheap and stylish featured netbook then you should buy Toshiba Mini NB305-N410,it works on a next generation Atom processor, having a long life battery and you can easily charge it with the help of USB Port device as well.


4: Sylvania Netbook

This incredible netbook is for the unique people who want to use a stylish and light weight netbook and can function as a smart phone via YouTube and Facebook respectively, can be also carried in a small hand bag, its price is just 99$,it has 128 MB of internal memory containing Windows CE operating system.


5.Acer Aspire One


It has the running time for 5-6 hours because of having Six cell battery. For video conferencing and the work related with webcam you can easily use Aspire, as it has a 0.3 MP webcam and can not be upgraded as well. In some cases it can be upgraded to turn on WiMAX and 3G networks specs and its price is $349 respectively.

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