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Gmail account which is connected with your phone, provides the facility to its users by saving all the data and is automatically backed up. So there is no need to worry about lost information.And in case you want the offline backup or all the contacts in one file, then just go to contacts option click the Menu soft key, then select Import/Export, then Select Export to SD Card, and select Ok and your all your contacts will be saved to the SD Card correspondingl.

android backup

And for the for system settings make a clear image in your mind in Privacy Settings ‘Backup my Data’ should be checked

And it ill be the best way to backup all your settings online & re-establish them when you require them .As many settings will be retored as well.

  • User Dictionary
  • Privacy Settings
  • Certain Apps are Re-Installed
  • WiFi Settings (including saved networks)
  • Wallpaper
  • Accessibility Settings

android backup

Backing Up SMS

The SMS Backup & Restore are being shifted to an XML file on your SD Card. And you can easily Install it from the market.

The SMS Backup +System is an extra device that will backup all your Call Logs and SMS/MMS to your Gmail account. Perhaps it sends them as an email to your inbox & labels them properly.

You can easily refresh Your Phone

Just Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset.

Source: Android Backup

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