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Buying a new computer is really a Joy. But when this joy comes to end with the performance of you PC, it is really looks weird. Sometimes when you open a folder it takes same time to get your coffee ready and then you start looking for reasons by closing programs you are working on and such other options!

Here are the few reasons which cause your computer to slow down:

Errors in Registry

Computer gets slow sometimes because of registry errors, you need to find these and get them fixed with the help of some open source softwares available in the market! CCleaner is a solution to your problem….

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Errors in System

Some common errors in program files and system files may slow down your computer by the time. A program needs a system file as a platform to run and a program file to execute the program, execution program file formats are .exe. Errors in both of these files may slow down your computer darastically sometimes that you are unable to even execute a file or it sometimes failed to load. If errors are common you may fix them by yourself.

Tip: Check the program which is causing error, perform an un-install then re-install the program, mostly this type of solution gets program fix.

Work Overload or System Overload

This is the part negated by most of the users as it is invisible. Systems by the time slow down performance due to enormous data stored in the memory in a scattered way, this creates alot of space on your memory and when you try to load the program it passes through a long way each time which slows the performance.

UltraDefrag Disk defragmentation is the best solution of arranging data in this case. By defragmenting your disks time by time you are ensuring yourself to get rid of this panic.


Cookies and Temporary Files

Cookies and Temporary Files stored on your computer seems to be un-effective on anything normally, rather it seems helpful when browsing sites and old data. But this day dream comes to an end when you feel your system is starting with the speed of sand clock.

This is true, cookies and temporary files are always un-wanted. They must be deleted once a day if not after every use, also they help to let hackers and intruders inside your computer. Its a best advice to goto your Start Menu then click on “Run” type “temp“. It will show you all the temporary files, select all by pressing Ctrl+A and delete. After that type “%temp%” then repeat delete process.

Problem in Operating Systems/Windows

Always good to have an Up to Date, Latest versions of Windows as Old versions are replaced with new one’s due to many issues in them. Trust me, there is no other reason for which the new version have developed by a team. New versions always over come the problems and loop holes left in the past versions of OS. Not only this but it also ensures the compatibility of the new softwares available in the market.

Source : PC Tunning Guide

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