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As media and Internet technology is getting success day by day due to its creations and amazing facilities. One of them is the latest web-cam and the cameras in the mobile phones as well. People love to make their pictures. And then they want to share with their relatives and friends.

But this is not s good habit to send your or your family’s pictures and videos to unknown people. Some people even share their pics and videos which is unethical and in the end the result is sometimes negative. Bad people take advantages of the pics and videos and give threats to people and ask them to send money and expensive assets as a ransom to give back their personal pics.

Nowadays free of cost MMS facility has been issued by the connection networks. People share their personal pics and videos through cell phones easily which could be dangerous because bad people are in search of these things and misuse the pics and videos in crimes and terrorism matters as well and then threats the guys. In the result people gets in trouble, goes in depression, anxiety and heart diseases too because they are innocent and in the end want to do suicide to save themselves.

Precautionary Measures:

1. I would suggest not to display and save your pics and videos on Face book, You tube and in your mobile sets as well.

2. Do not ever send your pics or share videos with your friends as well because no one knows that at which time his/her cell phone could be stolen.

3. Incase if you are in any danger please tell your parents and then FIR at the police station.

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