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ipad vs glaxy tabAs after the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab in September 2010 in Germany. And it is also available in United States of America as well. And here in this article I will let you know the comparison between Samsung Galaxy tab with Apple iPad,


The size of Samsung Galaxy Tab is smaller than the Apple iPad .The ipad wight is pound and a half and its size is of standard sheet of paper at generally ten by eight inches respectively.


The Galaxy Tab display is smaller than the ipad, Galaxy Tab has 7-inch display formerly as of  800×600 resolution, but new rumor is that it is 1024×600.And ipad has 9.7-inch touchscreen display capable of 1024×768 resolution accordingly.


The reporters say that Galaxy Tab runs on 1GHz ARM processor and Apple ipad is being designed with a custom A4. This gives more-performance and has a low-power system on a chip running at 1GHz.

Operating System

During the functioning time the iPad runs with the version of Apple’s iOS and the Galaxy Tab will runs only on its initial mobile OS competitor which is Android. At this time the ipad is trapped on the early days  iOS with the version 3.2.2. Which will be updated in the coming days with iOS4 .That will give additional function in form of multitasking and nested folders. And the Galaxy Tab It is slated to get an update to iOS 4 very soon, which will add functionality like nested folders and multitasking. The Galaxy Tab will apparently release with the cutting edge Android 2.2, a.k.a. “Froyo” abruptly..


The most incredible feature of Galaxy Tab is that has both front and rear-facing cameras, and provides video chat facility as well and soon it will prop up Adobe Flash, and maybe will be able to play HD video too. Whereas Apple ipad does not have these unique features.

Source: ipad & Samsung Galaxy

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