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new macbook air 2011Now geeks get ready to have an amazing new up comingMacBook with you. Here in this article I will elaborate the news which has been issued by the Apple Company a few days ago. And Apple is has launched a highly new generation MacBook Air in the mid of 2010 which is being featured with an 11.6-inch display system and with the components having Intel Core i-series with the ultra-low voltage processor. And other great news is about the launch of its brand new iPod touch which was introduced in the months of September 2010. Both These both special devices has been manufactured by the Quanta Computer. Mr. Mingchi Kuo, the senior analyst at Digitimes Research has given that statement.
Mr.Kou had some exclusive discussions with the company’s product’s components makers and he noted with him that the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air has features which are designed slim and has a light weight. Which will provide this company competing with other company’s products in the competitive world.
Mr.Kuo also pointed out a very noticeable fact that in 2010 the shipment volumes of this new 11.6-inch MacBook would be more estimated to accomplish the following 400,000 units only and will get increased in 2011.
This new and latest iPod touch has the quality of a 3-megapixel camera,which is worth to take both photo and video recordings and will definitely and will approve Apple’s latest A4 processor, that are mostly used in the iPhone 4 for better functioning

Source: Apple Macbook Air

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