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As the technology is leaping towards success by making revolutionary and incredible products as compare to the other companies because they are producing some products but LG cares for its customers required products. .LG is a brand whose products like ovens. mobiles, TV, Refrigerators, air conditioners, laptops are coming in the top favorite list of customers. So for the convenience of its customers LG has introduced Laptop, Oven, and Mobile Phone etc. Because other companies are manufacturing less variety as compare to LG. In the image you can see the back side of this charging pad very clearly.

Now I will let you know about an amazing and incredible new product of LG which is the launch of Wireless Charging Pad. You people can easily charge any cell phones by LG’s Wireless Charging Pad “WCP-700″ by adjusting it on a its charging pad on any surface as its portable and gives a marvelous charging to your cell phones battery. It has also installed LED Lights which denotes about the charging capacity


Different conditions of LG Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700):


Basically there are Four LED lights which are being installed in the charging pad:

1. When the colour is orange it means that the charger is ready to use.

2. The blue colour denotes the switch is properly plugged.

3. When the Green colour is flashing it shows that mobile is on charging.

4. When the phone is completely charged then it shows a solid green light.


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