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the iPad Nano which is supposed to be a smaller version of the original iPad by Apple

Inc. is also being referred to as the iPod Touch Max by several gadget junkies. The

reason behind this confusion of what name to use is due to the possibilities of varying

sizes that the iPad Nano is rumored to be of, more precisely one group is of the opinion

that the iPad Nano will be even smaller than the iPod Nano while another is of the

opinion that it will be a 6-inch long slate.

The second rumor is supposed to be based on the fact that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is

interested in making a tablet smaller than the more popular 7-inch androids and tablets

available from different companies. So, since the screen of the iPad is 9.7 inches wide,it

would put the screen of the Nano at around 5.7-inches.This form is also said to be

released by Apple as a gaming device.

Although Steve Jobs praised the iPad Nano in a particular event, the first rumor seems

to be true i.e. the iPad Nano will be even smaller than the iPod Nano. This would put the

size around 2 to 3 inches. This leads to much speculation over the fact whether or not

would a device that small actually be useful for the ordinary public.

No matter what the size may turn out to be(the iPad Nano is due to be released this

Fall)the functions and technical aspects will be remaining the same as that of the


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