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TV still plays an important role in Entertainment despite of several 100′s of available products in market, so it feels good to hear that finally you can watch TV on your iPad and iPad 2. No matter how far you are from your home TV, now on iPad 2 with the ease of light weight and portability. iPad 2 is in the market with a tremendous 10 hours battery life, with this feature it is possible to take it along with you to remote areas where electricity is not available for several hours. It wasn’t possible before that you are watching your favorite program while taking a shower or making tea for yourself in your kitchen. Only iPad 2 made it possible with its beauty of design and features to feel same like you are at your home everywhere…..


The reverse advantage of iPad 2 is large videos same as on your TV. No doubt there are many other options like Laptops, Cell Phone with Edge services where you can watch TV, but problem is the cell phone screen is too small as a size of pocket and laptops are uncomfortable and some times are not portable. iPad 2 beats the other options very cleanly with its 9.7 inches diagonal screen with Experience of HD graphics same as your home TV plus you don’t need to carry or shift it any where like cell phones and laptops.


Question is, how to watch TV on iPad 2?


Honestly there are many legal and illegal ways as well to do this ranging from 0$ to some 10$… Let’s talk about the crudest method first.

Air Video Server can easily be set up for this purpose, simply connect your iPad 2 to your an PC and start watching anything instantly as it will play any file format and any video length, but that could really be a trouble for you in some cases. Now lets have a look on some other alternates to watch TV…. Netflix (Excellent and growing library of Movies for Movie junkies but doesn’t allow to watch TV), Hulu Plus (Good enough but costs you 8$, which seams not cheap really). Mobile TV Elite ( Costs $3 only, Offers a huge variety of TV shows and TV programs from different networks on one Place, HD Streaming and Synchronization is a plus point in this service, same as in Netflix). So by Choosing your favourite Mobile TV Elite for your lovely iPad 2 now you are not away from TV any hour, not even any minute.

Source : Apple iPad

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