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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” Albert Einstein – 1921 Let’s take a look at the old and new iPad, “Speed: Speed seems to be the same. Weight: Is a also reduced to some 600 grams in total. Size: Size is exactly equal as compared to ancestor one” It is this plus some of new features and good cameras making Apple a trendy product in the Market these days. What’s remarkable? Remarkable: “Remarkability of new iPad 2 seems to be quite amazing found about Apple Product as it is not usual for an Apple Product to be a Price Leader in Industry!” iPad2, available in black and white colors, is the same ancestor 9.7 inches diagonal touchscreen display (1024×768 px) resolution, same as ancestor iPad. Weight reduced as well from 1.5lbs to 1.33lbs in total 601 gms in Wi-Fi-only editions, and from 1.6 lbs to 1.35 lbs for models that have added 3G service from Wireless. What’s the Catch? The iPad 2 is obviously not cheap in terms of money. Warranty, is covering only defects and not stealth and damages to the device. You can apart premium depending upon the device price. Its a matter of interest to think that if something happens to device after you have paid insurance for it. Also, keep in mind that how easy it is to file a claim and get your device or device costs covered by Insurance Claim rather than having a total loss of a your lovely iPad2. If you are charged for a depreciation in insurance still it is a small part of amount which may be equals to the cost of your iPad local pouch. Boom in Nano technology have made sure that parts and replacements for iPad 2 will be expensive enough. Insurance of your device not only saves you time and costs but also relax your mind for stolen or broken devices, because replacing your iPad 2 will still cost you much than small amounts of Insurance. Insurance of iPad 2 is designed in such way that is not horrible and will never keep you away from you device for decades. Normally time of processing claims is 36-48 hours. About 1.6 million phones of different kinds are stolen and lost according to a Survey conducted by U.S telecom companies, so just imagine that you have lost your iPad 2 dropped from your hands while making tea or you forgot it in Park when you received an emergency call, just after 1 week of use.

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