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ipad2 introduced by APPLE, is more faster,more speedy than prior ipad..IT has excellent Graphics Quality comparable to earlier iPad 2, Graphics performance is raised 9 times, playing games on it is smoother and more realistic. Its faster Graphics helps apps to perform better – especially those with video – you can experience while you are scrolling through your photo library-editing video with iMovies, or watching animations in keynote.It is 33 percent thinner and upto 15 % lighter in weight compare to ipad1,like one can hold it in single hand.It has got a5 still low power processor with Front and camera. Gyroscope. Thinner than iPhone 4. It comes in two colours WHITE AND BLACK….It has Magnetic Support covers,Dual core processor,and 2 times faster A5 processors..
It offers Wi Fi,BlueTooth and 3G which will be common in Pakistan soon..
One will find two cameras on iPad 2. one on the Front side and obviously the other at the back – These cameras might be tiny but they are fantastic performer. iPad 2 cameras are designed for video chat or for Face Time video calling and they work together providing you the opportunity to talk to your love once and watch them smile and laugh back at you. The front camera put your friend and you face to face. And when you switch to the back camera during your video call you will easily know where you are, with whom you are talking to, or what’s going on around you. While you are not using Face Time, and capturing HD movie through your back camera then whatever you will shoot is mini but master piece too. its the most fun a face can have.
It has accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and light sensor..
It has a pair of Camera includes Front Face Camera and rear camera.
Video Calling is another new feature in this ipad2,but slightly reduces in camera quality.Hope for more advancement in this area in future..

CONCLUSION: It has a very low weight of about 1.3 pounds.iPad2 offers more processing power with the help of the 1GHz dual core A5 chip. It is a lot faster and snappier compared to the previous iPad.With the addition of the front and rear cameras, you cannot help but think that Apple is just trying to catch up with features that they missed out on the first generation. Nonetheless, with the fantastic software, hardware and design upgrades, it is safe to say that the iPad 2 will remain on top at least until a much better option comes along.

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