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Precious moments stored in a camera which you never want to loose are images. With the rapid growth of technology now a day’s taking picture is left very easy task and really a fun. Nowadays there is no need left for a professional photographer to take pictures and then develop the long reels in lab and deliver you the photographs. All you need is just a camera and just know how to click button to take a picture, as modern cameras are too much advanced than the old ancestors where you have to take care of even light jerks of hands while taking pictures. This is the Digital factor which made photography really a fun, because you don’t have any fear of lost pictures on the reels and photos are stored digitally on a memory card inside your digital camera, so there is a risk that you might loose your images by any factor involved, most probably human errors. Technologies have changed so it’s not difficult these days to recover lost images from a memory card with the help of software.
Let’s just imagine a scenario: You have taken photos on the farewell at your University which you want to share on Facebook with your friends and family to see, so you have taken as much snaps as you could. Next day one of your friend came in and taken your camera, when he was shooting he found memory full, so deleted old images. When he returned camera to you, you logged on to Facebook and told your friends, “Hold I am sharing farewell party snaps”. And when you tried to open the images on your PC, it refused to access the images. Because they are over-written and data is corrupt. What you will do? You have no backup and in very helpless disappointed situation.


Your friends might feel pity on you at this stage, but don’t panic! as images you have lost are still recoverable. That’s true, because at times when data gets deleted or corrupted on hard drives, its not washed out from hard drives and stored for later recalls. The memory which device freed up to use will be over written on that data. No matter the data over written on the drive old deleted data still remain saved on small portions. Using good digital image recovery software such as picrecovery, photosrecovery can help you to get rid of the situation.

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