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Actions speak louder than words… It was just a dream that made true by Google with its New Gmail Motion Launched on 1st April as an April fool. That’s true, its common perception that Google is fooling world by saying this. Imagine, how body gestures overcome the physical invented products? As we all know that keyboard and mouse are essentials of computer by Birth!

Countless Advancement in technology made it possible today to control your computer and Apps with you Body Motion. So, as a feature is offered by Google named as Google Motion.


What is Gmail Motion?

Gmail Motion is a program which uses your computer’s webcam and then act according to pre-built actions that are saved inside the program. This program is designed on a technology named as Patented Spatial Tracking (PST). The technology detects movements of body and translates them in its own language and display result in the shape of meaningful commands and characters. Movements are kept simple for all skill levels people.

The Interaction

It’s really easy to learn GMail Motion for anyone. You can learn it with the help of this simple guide, download here. Start writing and responding to your e-mails within no time with the help of GMail Motion guide.

Watch this Interesting Demonstration on GMail Motion by Paul McDonald

Gmail Motion Explained

Safety & Security Measures

Gmail Motion is safe as well as a fun that will keep you healthy! It is a god health activity but some precautions are still considerable. First, look around for enough space where you can easily interact with motions. Second, taking some time to stretch after each session will give you relief and help you to relax your muscles. Finally, try to take short breaks after every 35-40 minutes just as you do in real physical environment.

Google Docs

As things are vast so there is a lot of stuff awaiting for compiling of documentation as well. Google have given an estimated length of December 2011 for complete documentation listed in Google Docs. For more please visit Gmail Motion

Source : Gmail Motion

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