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blackberry playbookAll geeks know about the RIM’s iPad competitor, which is the BlackBerry Playbook. As the shortage of Touchscreen was caused by the RIM just for the to delay of BlackBerry PlayBook which was released by one month, and this was having Apple nabbed with a good number of the existing panel production correspondingly.
The launch of the tablet has increased a lot of demand for the touch panels and which has recently caused shortage as well in the industry side..In Uk the people are still waiting for the release of BlackBerry PlayBook .Some rumors are coming that it will be released in June 2011.

The Apple worked out to shatter up most inventions aptitude at the commencement of this year, which put a hurdles in RIM’s plan, though postponed software difficulty is cited as a set back too for the Black berry.Because its release date was announced in September 2010.

But on April 19.2011 the competition will be started and we will come to know that how would be the Playbook stacked against the iPad. And mobile lovers will definitely enjoy the stylish and astonishing Black berry playbook too.

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