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The PTCL has announced recently that they will soon launch a project as it will be offering broadband internet of 50 Mpbs. And this telecommunication authority has the right to use the VDSL2 which is a Bonding technology which will facilitate to provide accessible digital subscribers line (DSL) to their customers having speed up to 50 Mbps. This project will be completed till the mid of 2011. This will be leveraged by Alcatel-Lucents VDSL2 Bonding expertise.

As per subscriber the VDSL2 Bonding keeps two copper-based VDSL2 lines. The areas which do not have this facility is now in the eye of the company and the work is still in progress to provide those areas the bandwidths for the expansion of this service that is bandwidths such as triple-play voice, data and IPTV too.

As per latest study from market research the firm IHS iSuppli, simultaneous admire to the applications such as online gaming, streaming audio, peer-to-peer file sharing, VoIP and IPTV will require the bandwidths between 50 and 100Mbps very soon. Which will be adjusted faithfully via VDSL2 worth with the new innovative technique of Vectoring and Bonding.

The President and CEO of PTCL Mr. Walid Irshaid has given a statement that :

“PTCL is the first service provider worldwide to deploy a commercial VDSL2 Bonding solution that aims at doubling the bandwidths provided to its existing customers. We are thus setting the trend in international telecoms, and are taking the broadband experience in Pakistan to the next level ”


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